A Vision Where Black Lives Matter and Thrive

"True peace is not merely the absence of tension;

it is the presence of justice."
Martin Luther King


This past year in Haiti has been one of turmoil, unrest, inequality and injustice.  We are witnessing similar scenes throughout the United States today. Justice and equity for all people is a touchstone of our efforts in Saint Rock and we are committed to doing our part here at home as well.


We must remember that the unjust actions of those who do not respect all mankind leave a lasting impression and, if there is no change, will continue to ripple throughout afflicted communities. We must stand up for all who do not have a voice, who need our help, who have been impacted by hateful and hurtful actions, here and around the world.


Bay kou bliye, pote mak sonje.

The giver of the blow forgets,

the bearer of the scar remembers.

Haitian Proverb


We are working closely with the community to prepare for COVID-19

SRHF is planning to expand

our operations in Saint Rock

Delivering dignified care, 

 designed to treat the whole patient. 

Saint Rock Haiti Foundation
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Milton, MA 02186
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